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I realize I tend to talk about malware and ransomware quite a bit these days.  I remember when I first heard about “ransomware”, I actually laughed and thought it HAD to be a hoax.  Certainly hackers had not gone this far, holding data for ransom? Well throughout the years, we have witnessed just how REAL, and potentially devastating ransomware is.  We’ve also watched as these threats have become more sophisticated and destructive.  We always urge our customers to make sure they have not only anti-virus engines in place (that are updated regularly), but something to guard against malware, in particular zero hour/ransomware threats.  Traditional anti-malware software protects against known malware, and once it detects it, removes it.  You also need anti-exploit protection.  This is what protects you against the zero hour/day and ransomware attacks.  Many anti-malware products include both, but you should always be sure. If you aren’t sure, specifically ask your vendor… “Does your product protect me against ransomware?”.

However, protecting your business from malware is only part of the solution.  There are hackers literally all over the world working day and night to develop threats that will take down large corporations, banks, government agencies, and yes, even small businesses.  The grim reality is that a ransomware attack on a small business can literally bring the business down, sometimes permanently. There is never a 100% chance you won’t be a victim of a cyber-threat/crime.  This is the reason you need to make sure that you have a robust, reliable and efficient backup and recovery solution in place.  I asked one of our engineers to briefly describe his most recent experience with a ransomware attack:

“The day every administrator dreads, a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a form of malware that when you go to access important company files and all you are able to do is open a document explaining that all your important company data is encrypted and unrecoverable and will be deleted if a ransom is not paid . Thankfully, with good backups and ShadowProtect recovery software by Storagecraft, this issue can just be a minor inconvenience. Once our customer informed us of the ransomware attack and when the last time they were able to use those files, we were immediately able to start to mount backups and determine within the hour of when the threat happened. We were backing up every hour on that server, but you can go as granular as every 15 minutes. Within 10 minutes, we had the last “healthy” drive mounted and data replaced to the shared folder that was originally infected. Value to the customer.. Priceless..”

~Christopher Thompson, Network Engineer, future Vision, inc.

Security, disaster recovery, backup and storage… there are so many parts of your infrastructure that work together to keep your network safe and running efficiently.  Big or small, every company needs to have a plan in place and always be prepared for the worst case scenario.  Every company has different needs and concerns, but the backbone of data security is very similar.  Talk to us today if you have any questions about your current solution and if you are as protected as you need to be.

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