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What is “Managed IT Service”?

The latest buzzword in IT over the last several years is “Managed Services” or “Managed IT Services”. The problem is, most IT providers have some sort of “Managed” offering, but they all seem to have different offerings or philosophies when it comes to “Managed IT Service”. For all intents and purposes, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that a business can offload much of their IT operations to. The MSP takes on the responsibility of monitoring the network 24/7, resolving any problems or conflicts, and keeping the network healthy. Most of the time, it involves much more than that depending on the size and complexity of the network.

Managed Services has been quite the blessing for small and medium sized businesses that may not be able to afford staffing a full IT Department. Your MSP many times are alerted to risks or problems before the end user is. MSP’s allow you to have a proactive approach to keeping your network up and running. Small businesses can now operate just as efficiently as larger businesses without the high cost. The resources needed to support the increasingly complex IT environment isn’t always cost effective.

The peace of mind knowing your backups are being done, patches being deployed, security being monitored and bottlenecks are being prevented, is priceless.



future Vision Managed IT Services

As fast as your business grows, the demand for IT performance grows with it. When you’re already balancing the critical needs of your business, handling day-to-day IT management tasks can be overwhelming.

future Vision can ease the workload for small to medium-sized companies with our comprehensive managed services. Whether you need a full-blown system installation or a remote support for your network, we can be your go-to IT support team 24x7. We take a proactive approach to addressing any potential roadblocks so you can keep your business moving ahead.

Many times you will see MSP’s offering several tiers of service. At future Vision, we don’t have different levels of service. We take a more custom approach to your IT needs. When it comes to your network and IT needs, one size does not fit all. We will take the time to evaluate your business and your network and then sit down with your team to determine your concerns and goals. From there we will tailor a program that fits your custom needs and your budget.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Continuous network testing and optimization
  • Network health check and diagnostics
  • Remote support for issue resolution
  • Hourly and daily backups
  • Network security optimization
  • Monitor and free disk space as needed
  • Analysis and correction of network vulnerabilities
  • Optimize applications for most efficient performance and stability
  • Keep virus and malware protection up to date
  • Actively monitor server logs for communication problems
  • Identify and archive old data as required
  • Troubleshoot and correct user related problems
  • Hardware diagnostics and inspections
  • Workstation maintenance and support options are also available

future Vision has been an excellent business partner for Röchling Engineering Plastics. They have provided IT services to us since 1998. We have been quite satisfied with their performance. They continually provide us with responsive, flexible and quality service. We recommend future Vision to anyone looking for vendors who are willing to go the extra mile.

C. O'Dell

Roechling Engineering Plastics

This is only a brief description of some of the services we provide. We will sit down with your team to customize a plan for your business that covers your needs and fits in your budget.  No high pressure sales pitch, we will work with you to provide you excellent and affordable service.

When it comes to managing your systems, our knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. We’ve got the best engineers, best practices, and a proven methodology for delivering cost-effective solutions tailored to your business. As your needs evolve, we’ve got the solutions to scale up or down—no matter which direction you go.